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SFS using WinSCP

SFS using WinSCP

The Secure File Service allows secure remote access to the ITS file servers. You can access SFS from Windows using programs such as WinSCP as this guide demonstrates.

First, WinSCP must be downloaded and installed.

  • Open WinSCP.
  • Fill in the details of one of the servers names:
    • sfs01.aau.dk port 22
    • sfs02.aau.dk port 22
  • Make sure that File protocol is set to SFTP.
  • Add your username and password.
  • The Save... button allows you to save the configuration for later sessions.

After a moment the main screen of WinSCP is displayed. Your own file system is shown to the left (local) and the server you connected to on the right (remote). Initially, the remote system displays the root, with all departments. From there, you can navigate the departments in the same way as through the DFS.