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SFS using Nautilus/Dolphin

SFS using Nautilus/Dolphin

Two of the most widespread file managers for Linux, Nautilus (default for the GNOME window manager) and Dolphin (for KDE), natively support SFTP, and the method is almost identical across the two. This guide goes through the steps necessary to establish a connection.

  • Open the file manager and activate the location address line.
    • On Nautilus, the key combination Ctrl+L opens the location bar.
    • On Dolphin, use F6 to open the location bar.
  • Type in an address in the following form:
    • sftp://USER@DEPARTMENT.aau.dk@sfs01.aau.dk/
      Replace USER@DEPARTMENT.aau.dk with your AAU username.
    • When done, press enter.
    • You will be asked for your password.

Optionally, you can choose to save your password securely so you avoid having to type it in future sessions.

For the advanced user

To avoid setting the options every time, and shortening the commands considerably, consider placing a host entry in the local SSH config file, located in ~/.ssh/config - the local configuration file for the current user. An entry could look like the image below.

In the future simply replace "USERNAME@DEP.aau.dk"@SFSSERVER with aausfs.