AAU It Services

Documents on private windows computers connected to AAU-1x

Access to documents on private computers connected to AAU-1x

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Click on "Computer"
  • Click on "Map network drive"
  • Folder used by staff members: \\department.aau.dk\users\username *    
  • Folder used by students: \\student.aau.dk\users\username
  • Select the "Connect using different credentials" checkbox
  • When required to state your username and password:
  • Write the following:
    • username@department.aau.dk or
    • username@student.aau.dk and your password
      • USERNAME: all letters before @ in your  AAU username.
        PASSWORD: the password associated with your AAU username.
        DEPARTMENT: all letters after " in your AAU username, such as es, bio, hst, etc. Students simply type "student".