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Change your password

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    I remember my password

    If you can remember your password, you can use one of the following methods to change it.


    You can change your password on one of our pre-installed computers.

    NOTE: The computer must be connected to AAU's network either on campus or via VPN

    • Sign in with your email address and password.
    • Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
    • Select Change password/Skift adgangskode.
    • Enter your old password once.
    • Select a new password and enter it twice.
    • Click the arrow to the right.

    If your new password is rejected, please ensure that you have complied with our password policy.
    Read our password policy.

    Remember to change your password on all your other devices as well (e.g. smart phone, tablet, mail on your computer at home). Read here how to do that.


    Be aware that the password for the computer does not change until you connect the computer to AAU's network (on campus or via VPN).

    1. Log in to https://mail.aau.dk with your AAU username and password.
    2. Click on the gear at the top right and select "Settings".
    3. Click "General" and select "My Account".
    4. Click "Change your password".
    5. Enter your old password once
    6. Choose a new password and enter it twice
    7. Click Save

    Should your new password be rejected, you can check whether you have complied with our password policy. Here in the webmail, Microsoft writes well enough that the password length must be 8 characters, but at AAU we now require a minimum length of 14 characters.

    Read our password policy.

    * Staff members at the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences must replace department with id. (e.g. user@id.aau.dk)

    * Staff members with a @make.aau.dk e-mail address still have to use @m-tech.aau.dk or @id.aau.dk as username.

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    I don't remember my password

    Use NemId

    If you have forgotten your password, you may use your NemID for creating a new password. NemID is a single login for Danish public websites, online banking, etc. Click here and click at "få en ny adgangskode". You may choose 'English' on the following page.

    If your new password is rejected, please ensure that you have complied with our password policy.
    Read our password policy.


    if you don't have NemId

    If you don't have NemId or if there are problems with your NemId, we can change your password for you if you come to one of our local service desks in person. See addresses and opening hours here.

    • Remember to bring some sort of photo identification (e.g. your AAU card, driving license or passport.
    • After your ID has been approved, we will help you to change your password


The above-mentioned steps are the only possibilities you have, if you want to change your password to your e-mail address at Aalborg University. That means that we no longer can change your password if you call our support at 9940 2020.