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Booking meeting rooms

Booking meeting rooms

  • Open Outlook
  • Select Calendar
  • Create a new meeting
  • Select the Scheduling Assistant

You can use the Scheduling Assistant to add attendees and rooms and see their availability.

  • Click ‘Add rooms...’ (in the bottom left-hand corner) to find a meeting room.
  • Type an address in the search box, for example 'kst' for Kroghstræde and you will see all meeting rooms at this address in the drop-down menu.


  • Click 'Invite attendees...'
  • ‘Room Finder’ will then appear in the right-hand side. Select your area in the drop-down menu under ‘Show a room list’
  • The rooms then become visible in the calendar view of the Scheduling Assistant, and you can easily see which rooms are available.

When you tick the left-hand box of a room in the Scheduling Assistant, this room will be transferred to ‘Location’ in your meeting invitation.

Click ‘Appointment’ to return to your meeting invitation.