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Backup and Restore

easy restoration of your files

If you are using a Windows computer with a standard installation and you have saved your files in one of the default folders, Documents, Desktop, or Pictures, there is an easy way to restore deleted or previous versions of your files. Read the instructions below to figure out how. At AAU, we store the files on our backup servers for 2 months (3 months for the administration).

does my computer have a standard windows installation?

  • Click the windows button in the lower-left corner
  • Select ”All programs”
  • If you find ”AAU It Services” at the bottom of the list, your computer has a standard installation

Instructions for backup and restore

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    Lost files

    If you use one of our laptops with a standard Windows installation and fail to log out or shut down before taking the computer out of the dock, you might suddenly be missing a file that you just worked on.

    This is due to the synchronization that constantly takes place in the background, which cannot be finished correctly in these cases.

    Usually, in the folder where the file was located, you will find a file with a gibberish name ending on “tmp”

    Make a copy of this file and rename it to its correct file name.

    E.g., H3pT543.tmp -> ansøgningen.docx

    Remember to enable "File name extensions" to see the endings of your files.

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    Restore a deleted file

    1. Find the folder where the file was located
    2. Right-click on the folder and select ”Restore previous versions”
    3.  Find the folder from a possible suitable date and open it to see if you can find the file

    Click ”Copy…” and select a place to restore the folder with the deleted file

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    Restore data in onedrive

    If you can’t find the file in your computer’s bin, the file can be restored in OneDrive.

    Log in at www.office.com and select OneDrive. Here you can restore the file from OneDrive’s recycling bin.

    OneDrive stores backups of data for 93 days.

    If it concerns larger amounts of lost data, you can do it via “Restore your OneDrive.” Contact support at 9940 2020 or support@its.aau.dk to get help.

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    Restore previous version

    1. Open Windows Explorer (Press Windows + e)

    2. Locate the file that you want to restore an earlier version of

    3. Right-click on the file

    4. Select "Restore previous versions"

    5. Click on the tab "Previous versions"

    6. Wait for the list of previous versions to be completed

    7. Select a version and choose whether you want to open, copy, or restore the file

    • "Restore..." means that you overwrite the current version of the file
    • "Copy..."   allows you to select an alternative location of the file

    8. You can also drag it into another folder or to the desktop

    If you receive a message saying that no previous versions of the file are available, it can indicate one of two things:

    9. The file has existed in the system for such a short time that it has not yet been backed up

    10. All backup versions of the file are 100% similar to the current version, and there is nothing different to restore from the backup.