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How can I use Adobe Connect

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect (AC) is an e-learning tool for online meetings and cooperation, which AAU members freely can use in relation to learning, teaching and research. AC can be used on a computer with an internetbrowser or on a mobile device with an app for iOS and Android. The Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC) (earlier forskningsnettet, deic.dk) hosts Adobe Connect for all Danish Universities. AAU ITS locally supports all AAU members. All AAU members can access Adobe Connect with their regular AAU e-mail account at c.deic.dk. Thus, students as well as employees can freely use the system to create their own meeting rooms and invite participants.

What can Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect offers a broad range of features supporting distance meetings and collaboration with multiple participants: Text chat, audio and video conferencing, sharing screen, sharing files, collaboration with the whiteboard, recording of the meeting, inviting external guests to a meeting.

How can Adobe Connect support activities at AAU?

Adobe Connect can support a range of activities at AAU. This can be to support PBL activities, but also other scenarios were participants have to meet online to e.g. cooperate and discuss. Based on our experience in supporting users and on a recently conducted user study, we have identified a range of scenarios for students, teachers and other staff members to support their activities online with Adobe Connect. The scenarios are summarized below and are elaborated in four articles.

Student-centered activities

Teacher-centered activities

Other staff-centered activities

Group work Lectures, workshop and discussions; video recording Meeting with external and internal partners
Meeting with the supervisor

Supervision of students

Introduction of IT across campi (e.g. Moodle introduction via AC)
Meeting with external cooperators

Oral examination



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