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Adobe Connect Professional is an advanced tool for online meetings and cooperation. If you are a student, teacher, researcher, administration employee, etc. you can use Connect totally free at https://c.deic.dk/ You can hold comprehensive meeting via your broadband connection by the means of your computer, a headset, and a webcam.

Fields of application

  • Teamwork in smaller groups
  • Idea development and decisions
  • Shared document analysis and web-review
  • Discussion fora og group work
  • Guidance of students
  • Presentations to larger groups with response from receiver.
  • Video messages (via record function)
  • Video manuals (via record function)

Connect is very easy to use and you get off to a good start. You only need a normal broadband connection and even your connection at home will most likely support the use of Connect. To ensure a good quality during the meeting, you need a headset or speaker phones together with a webcam.

Connect can be applied on many different platforms. Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users can get direct access to a meeting, as long as the Flash 8.0 plug-in is installed. You can read more about the Adobe Connect service at Forskningsnettet.

The primary support for Adobe connect is with deic.dk

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