Digital Study ID

Studiz - your digital study id

Studiz is your digital study ID and can be used as a supplement to your physical AAUCard. The app functions as a portal for online and local student discounts enabling all students to find and obtain updated and unique discounts as well as special, temporary study deals. 

Contrary to the physical study card, Studiz also contains a date of validity meaning that it can be used as a proof of current status as an enrolled student. This may be particularly helpful in situations where companies require a specification of an end date.

How do i set up studiz?

Get the app in App StoreGoogle Play or Microsoft Store. Create a new account and enter your information. You will then be forwarded to UNI-Login, where you enter your AAU mail and password. You can now upload your picture and start using the app.

Be aware that...

  • AAU does not exchange data with Studiz - this means that you have the responsibility of supplying Studiz with accurate personal data in order to ensure that your digital study ID remains valid
  • Studiz uses WAYF to verify your affiliation with AAU. The date specified as “Valid until” must be the end date of your current semester and not the expected end date of your studies at AAU
  • ‚Äčthe digital study ID cannot be used to gain access to AAU premises or for identification on AAU premises 
  • we recommend that the photo used for your digital study ID is identical to the photo uploaded to your physical AAUCard
  • for specific purposes, you may want to print a letter for further proof of your status as an enrolled student through STADS
Get the app

Forgot your password?

Visit and create a new one.


  • AAU accepts no responsibility for student discounts obtained via your digital study ID and will not be of assistance in this context
  • AAU accepts no responsibility for any functionality of the Studiz app
  • AAU accepts no responsibility for how Studiz stores and uses data – you can find more information in Studiz’ terms and conditions