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The app team

Who are we?

We are a team that continuously works on developing (and purchasing) apps for Aalborg University. The app team is part of IT Services at Aalborg University and is comprised of the following persons:

Team leader, Bo Hvass Pedersen
UX designer, Christine Sauer Christensen
UX designer, Mathilde Leth Lokjær Hansen (currently on leave)
Student assistant, Louise Gram (UX, test and idea generation)
Student assistant, Katrine Leth Overgaard (UX, test and idea generation)

Furthermore, the team includes a group of app specialists from the software development house Miracle - Nicolai, Martin, Jonas, Camilla, Christian, Harjit, Morten and Edgaras.

What are we doing?

Right now we are working on the AAU Student App, which supports a digitalization of students' everyday lives at AAU. The app is already avaliable in App Store and Google Play.

During 2019 the app team will work on making it possible to read messages from the student's student secretary and teacher in the app. Simultaniously, we will take into consideration all good suggestions for improvement from students and employees at AAU.

Furthermore, in 2019 the app-team will work on AAU Guide, a new and exciting app for people who are looking for an education. The app provides an overview of all educations at Aalborg University and the possibility to set up a personal filter and save your favourite study programmes.