AAU Mail and calendar on your mobile device

access to mails, contacts and appointments everywhere

All students and staff at Aalborg University have an AAU mail account via Outlook. You can access this account through the Outlook Web App in your browser or you can set up your account on your mobile device securing fast and easy access. 

You may use the mail client of your device or download a a third party app - for instance Outlook for iOS or Android. Regardless of your choice of client, the following guides will help you through the set up of your AAU mail account and calendar.

Mail Settings on iOS devices

The following instructions are based on iOS 4.0.1, but the steps are applicable to other versions as well.

  • Open "Settings" on your iPhone
  • Choose "Mail"
  • Choose "Accounts"
  • Choose "Add account ..." to create a new mail account
  • Choose "Microsoft Exchange" as the account type

Fill in your account information:

  • Email = your AAU mail address
  • Domain = leave the domain field blank.
  • Username = your AAU username
  • Description = enter a description name of your choise.

Verify your configuration. When required to state a server name:

  • Server = mail.aau.dk

After clicking "Next" your can choose what you wish to syncronize:

  • Mail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar

 * Staff members at the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences must replace department with "id".

Mail settings on Android devices

The following instructions are based on an Android 5.x device.

1) Open your mail client

2) Choose "Add acount"

3) Choose "personal (IMAP)"

4) Type in your AAU mail address and password

5) Adjust the following settings:

"server" =  mail.aau.dk
"port" =  993
"security type" = SSL/TLS
"SMTP server" = smtp.aau.dk
"port" = 587
"security type" = starttls

Username = your AAU username

Mailaddresse = your AAU mailaddress

Password = your password

Forgot your password?

Visit www.nyadgangskode.aau.dk and create a new one.