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Not sure which study programme to choose? AAU Guide makes it easier to find just the right programme. The A-Z list provides an overview of all bachelor's and master's programmes at Aalborg University. The filter lets you sort by your interests, city of choice, language, or type of study programme. And finally, you can manage your favourite study programmes in a personal list that you can always return to.

“The list of favorites works really well. It has often been a problem of mine to remember which study programme sounded exciting”.


The app makes it easy for you to navigate AAU's education portfolio. When you sort via the filter, you will see the educations that suit exactly your wishes. When you save your favorite educations in your personal favorites list, you may suddenly be one step closer to the decision to choose an education. The app can also help you keep track of important dates and deadlines in connection with the study search.

"It's cool that you can get a better understanding of your options, so you do not have to search through all educations that exist. The app gives you what is relevant to you. There are also several questions in the filter, so it can be reasonably specific, and so you do not have to search so much”.


The AAU Guide app is a supplement to our online study guide, which can be found at en.aau.dk/education. Remember that you can always visit en.aau.dk to find out more about our educations, admission, student guidance, and much more. 

AAU Guide has been downloaded 1.917 times since it was released in Juni 2018.

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