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teaching in aau rooms

Teaching in AAU rooms

On this page, you will find help for the use of standard AV equipment in AAU classrooms and auditoriums..

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, you are always welcome to ITS Support.

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    Airtame – connect to the projector wirelessly

    1. Install the Airtame program.

      You can download Airtame for windows and macOS from the software center

      Download the Airtame software for Linux and Chromebook on
    2. Start projector.

      Press ON to turn on the projector

      On the screen, under “Step 2: Present from app” you can now see the IP address that you will use later in the Airtame program.
      Example of an IP address:

    3. Open Airtame. 

      Find the Airtame program and open it.

    4. Connect to the projector.

      Type the IP address from Step 2 on the screen in the "Name or IP address" box

      After you type the IP address, you can see the physical address and the room number. (If you have a firewall on your PC, this may prevent the connection to Airtame)

    5. Start presentation
      • You can now select "Share window" (a specific program) or "Share screen" (your desktop) to present content from your PC.

      • After you select "Share window" or "Share screen", a pin code will appear, that you need to enter here, and the content you have selected (Share window or screen) from your PC will now appear on the screen.

      • If your presentation includes audio, click on the speaker icon.



    • Start slideshow.

      In the lower right corner of PowerPoint, start your slideshow

    • Start sharing in a Window.

      Move the mouse up to the top right corner until you see the Airtame control panel. Here you click on the "Window" button and then click on your slideshow. Your slideshow now appears on your computer and on the screen.

    • Show Presenter View.

      In the lower left corner of your slideshow, click on the circle with the 3 dots. (If you do not see the circle, click on your slideshow) Here, click on "Show Presenter View".
      On the screen you can now see your slideshow and on the computer you will see your notes and the next slide.

    • Stop presentation

      You press the red stop button to stop your presentation

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    Instruction videos – explore the options (english subtitles)

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    Step-by-Step Guides – How to do - Auditoriums

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    Step-by-Step Guides – How to do - Classrooms

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    Classrooms, Auditoriums, Video Conference rooms and Meeting rooms with AV-equipment

    On the links below you will find a monitoring website that covers teaching, video conferencing and meeting rooms with AV equipment.

    A room can have 1 of 3 types of status:

    No faults detected. (All monitored equipment is ok)

    Network connection has been lost. AV facilities in this room may be limited due to autodetected system fault. (One or more devices cannot be contacted on the network, but the system is likely to operate normally)

    This room is offline and the AV facilities cannot be used. (System is offline and can not be used)

    Overview of teaching, video conference and meeting rooms with AV equipment.

    Description and room booking

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    Active Learning Space (ALS)

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