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Online ph.d. defence - AAU ZOOM

Procedure for setting up an online PhD defense using AAU ZOOM

  • If you would like to get assistance from ITS, a case must be made at ITS: at least one week before the defense.
    • Inform us about the date and time of the test.
    • Inform us about the date and time of the defense. ITS needs to have taken part in the tests to participate in the actual defense. 
    • Provide the names and emails of the participants and clarify their roles. (PhD students, assessors, supervisor, moderator)
    • The its-supporter must be invited to all the AAU ZOOM meetings including tests. You will be contacted by an its-supporter, who will give you an email address of the person you have to invite.
    • Support is only provided to the PhD student, assessors, supervisor and moderator. Support is NOT provided to the spectators during the PhD defense
  • The secretary of the Department sends an AAU ZOOM invitation to all participants at least 2 days before the defense as an opportunity to make a test call during normal working hours and receive help to solve potential problems. 
    (This AAU ZOOM meeting can also be used for the preparatory meeting held before the defense)
  • Hearers/audience of the defense will send an email to the secretary who will send an invitation. This is made clear in the announcement of the defense. 
  • The secretary of the Department creates a AAU ZOOM meeting to the preparatory meeting with, among others, the assessment committee.
  • The secretary at the department sets up an AAU ZOOM meeting for the PhD defense and sends an invitation to all participants
  • Before the defense starts, a breakout room is created in the AAU ZOOM meeting. The breakout room is intended to place the assessment committee in when voting after the defence.


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