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Guides to hold an online exam in Teams

Guides to hold an online exam - Teams

If you need to conduct an online exam, you can use Teams. You can also use Skype for Business or AAU ZOOM. 
See the document comparing the 3 tools (Skype for Business, Teams and AAU ZOOM) here.

Below you can find guides for online exams via Teams. You have two possible options: You can conduct the exam as a meeting, or you can create a team with channels. See a description of the two methods further down on the page.

You can test your equipment with an IT supporter on working days between 13-15. Access the test (Access only available with AAU login)


The internal examiner or the study secretary creates two Teams meetings in outlook. One for the exam sent to the examiner, external examiner and the student/students, and one for the assessment sent to the internal and external examiners only.

  • When the exam begins, the internal examiner, external examiner and the students meet in the exam room.
  • After the exam, the examiners leave the exam room and enter the assessment room.
  • The student waits in the exam room.
  • After the assessment, the examiners return to the exam room, and the grade is announced.



Create a team in Teams. Everyone is invited to the team (Internal examiner, external examiner and students)

  • Private channels are created for the different exams, and the students are assigned a certain channel
  • Only one private channel is created, and the students wait in the “general” channel. Here they are invited, one by one, into the private channel by an examiner.

Private channels are closed channels that can only be accessed by examiners. The examiner can invite students into the channel and let them out again.

Step by step guides:

Guides from Center for Digitalt Understøttet Læring (CDUL)


Video guides from Erfa - Exam during corona : (in Danish)