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Recently there has been invested substantially in renewal and increased uniformity of the AV equipment in rooms where IT Services (ITS) is responsible for the equipment.

The intention is to keep the equipment up-to-date and support the digitalization of teaching and meeting-activities. Additionally, we aim to improve the familiarity of the equipment, so that users can recognize the equipment regardless of which room they are using.

Below you can see an overview of room-types and a brief description.

ITS offers support, guides, and courses in the use of AV equipment in rooms facilitated with AAU standard AV equipment.  





Classroom (Previously called seminar room/”læringsrum")


  • Projector screen
  • Document camera
  • In certain rooms, wireless microphones
  • HDMI cable with adapters attached

Wall panel:




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Remote classrooms/distance learning rooms (previously called videoconferencing rooms)

  • Screen/projector screen
  • Blackboard
  • Videoconferencing facilities
  • Document camera
  • Wireless microphones
  • HDMI cable with adapters attached

Remote classrooms/distance learning rooms are used for lectures or meetings via videoconferencing.

Touch screen on the table and video camera on the wall:



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If you are having a distance learning class or a videoconference meeting with external participants or more than two AAU locations, you also have to create a MS Teams or AAU Zoom meeting.

  • Screen/projector screen
  • Wireless microphones
  • Document camera
  • Touchscreen
  • With/without videoconference
  • HDMI cable with adapters attached






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Meeting rooms
  • Typically, a screen with/without videoconferencing
  • In certain rooms, wireless transfer via Barco Clickshare

Meeting rooms are mostly used for meetings.

Meeting rooms are not suitable for distance learning.

If the room is provided with videoconferencing facilities, you will find:



Studios, other institute-owned rooms or rented premises (for example, NOVI).


  • Rooms with a varying assortment of AV equipment and equipment age.

AV equipment is owned by the institutes and equipment may differ from AAU standard.

Guides and courses provided by ITS do not count for these premises.

ITS supports as good as possible. However, it cannot be expected that the supporters are trained in the use of the equipment in the room. The institute who own the room is responsible for fault reports and reparation of equipment.

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