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Partial online teaching

Partial online teaching

On this page, you will find help with teaching where there are both students in an AAU classroom (learning room/seminar room) and students participating online. This may be the new situation due to fewer students allowed to participate physically in the premises because of Covid-19.

Below you can see the technical options that IT Services (ITS) suggests. In relation to pedagogy and didactics, CDUL provides assistance. ITS and CDUL offer mini-courses in the use of technical equipment, pedagogy, and didactics.

Please note that institutions must purchase Polycom Studio themselves. (link gerne direkte ned i accordion, hvor vejledning til indkøb er)

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, you are always welcome to contact ITS Support.

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    Polycom studio with MS Teams and AAU Zoom

    DSUR has decided that the institutions independently have to purchase equipment for partial online teaching, as a result of Covid-19. ITS suggests purchasing Polycom Studio. ITS supports this with assistance, guidance, and introduction.

    NOTE users with a computer that only has USB-C and no USB port must buy an adapter. These are typically users with Macbook Pro and newer Surface computers. See the instruction below:

    If your PC only has a USB-C port, you must obtain a USB adapter:


    It can be ordered from the ITS purchasing department.

    Questions concerning which rooms that are equipped with Polycom Studio or where to borrow a Polycom Studio should be directed to the institute. ITS is not aware of the individual institution's agreements.

    Information from ITS to study leaders 21.7.2020 (in Danish)

    Purchase Polycom Studio and adapter (in Danish)

    How to use Polycom Studio - step-by-step guide

    How to start Polycom Studio - video (in danish)

    Sketch of online teaching in rooms without video conferencing systems

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    Projector with MS Teams or AAU Zoom

    Here you can see a sketch of online teaching in rooms without video conferencing systems and with pre-existing equipment. You use your own computer with your own headset and computer camera.

    Suggestions for additional equipment:

    • Table microphone, external camera, wireless headset
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    Use AAU videoconference rooms with MS Teams or AAU ZOOM

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    Classrooms, Auditoriums, Video Conference rooms and Meeting rooms with AV-equipment

    On the links below you will find a monitoring website that covers teaching, video conferencing and meeting rooms with AV equipment.

    A room can have 1 of 3 types of status:

    No faults detected. (All monitored equipment is ok)

    Network connection has been lost. AV facilities in this room may be limited due to autodetected system fault. (One or more devices cannot be contacted on the network, but the system is likely to operate normally)

    This room is offline and the AV facilities cannot be used. (System is offline and can not be used)

    Overview of teaching, video conference and meeting rooms with AV equipment.

    Description and room booking

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